Pilot Resources

Local soaring and weather conditions for the Anchorage and Matanuska area and links to club airplane owner manuals and operating handbooks. 

Soaring Weather Reports

Select the button link to the report below and input the following info:

  1. Select the button for a “Complete Report”
  2. Select a RAOB station. (For the Anchorage bowl and the Valley, use Anchorage.)
  3. Enter your best guess in F° for peak temperature for the day. If you anticipate flying thermals in the Chugach, add 4 to 8°F to account for the lapse rate. (Yes, there is a reason why the mountains generate better thermals.) If you are looking for wave prospects, do not adjust for lapse rate.
  4. Enter the altitude limit for the Thermal Index calculation. 6,000 is more appropriate for thermal flying in Alaska. 18,000 and up gives a better indication of wave prospects.

Click to get the local soaring forecast

Local Soaring Forecast

Other Weather Links for Gliders

Click to learn about Skew-T charts

Skew-T Info

Click to see Skew-T Reporting Sites


Alaska Weather Cams

Click the link below to view the weather cams for the area that we fly gliders

Alaska Weather Cams

Club Aircraft Owner Manuals and Documents

Click to see the Cessna 182 owners manual

C-182 Manual

Click to see the Cessna 182 parts catalog

C-182 Parts Catalog

Click to see the Schweizer SGS-2-33 Manual

SGS-2-33 Manual

Click to see the Schweizer SGS-1-26 Documents

SGS-1-26 Manual

SGS-1-26 Inspection Checklist


SGS-1-26 W&B




AMSA Procedures

Click the link below to for glider launch and tow signals

Glider Launch Signals

Click the link below to see glider operations checklist. From FAA 8080-13A

Sailplane Checklists

Click here to download the entire FAA 8080-13A Glider Flying Handbook

FAA-8083-13A Glider Flying Handbook

Click for traffic pattern info regarding Wasilla Airport PAWS

Wasilla Airport

Click the link below for AMSA local checkout procedures at Wasilla Airport

AMSA Local Checkout Procedures PAWS

FAA Aeronautical Experience

Private Pilot Glider Rarting Aeronautical Requirement

FAA Aeronautical Experience

Commercial Pilot Glider Rarting and Commercial Add-on Aeronautical Requirement

FAA Aeronautical Experience

Local Area Condor Terrain Maps

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Windy-TV, local and current weather.