If you want to become a member of Alaska Mountain Soaring Association, fill out the three above-linked application and send to the email listed below. Since we are insured by Avemco, we have integrated their required info into our form.

After the AMSA board has reviewed the applicaiton we will contact you regarding your status. Upon approval, we will send you a link with further info and a link to a PayPal payment button.

Send to the ASMA board president Dov Margalit:

Please see our fee schedule to the right for additional information.


Member Dues
  • Annual Dues – $600.*
  • Initiation Fee – $800 upon joining.
  • Membership in the Soaring Society of America (SSA) is required.

* This can be paid in two installments at $300.00 each or all at once. If you choose two installments, the 2nd payment must occur within six months of the initial payment. 

Limited Membership

For SSA members who want to fly their own gliders at AMSA or for special events. We offer tows to non-AMSA members. See tow fees below

Notes: Any private ship needing a tow will be required to have at least liability insurance for their glider through Avemco.


Flight Fees


  • Pattern Altitude Tow Fee / Practice Rope Break or Pattern Practice – $20/tow
  • Basic Tow Fee to 3,500 ft AGL – $60/tow (At Birchwood good for getting on Ridge at Bear Mountain)
  • Extended Tow Fee to 6,000 ft AGL or  – $100/Tow (Good for towing into Eagle River Valley from Birchwood or The Talkeetna Mountains from Wasilla).
  • Guest Tow Fee: add $30.00 to above fees (must be an SSA Member and have at least liability insurance with Avemco)

All fees include hookup and glider time. There’s no time limit to using and flying the glider. We encourage our members to enjoy prolonged motorless flight, we just ask that if there are pilots waiting on the ground to go flying, please do not stay up for too long. Usually, an hour per flight, if there are other waiting, is good common practice.

Note: Participation in crew activities is required during membership. In this way, participation and donation of your time at least two days a month as a ground crew is promoted.

Introductory Flight and Special Event Fees
  • Intro Flight$120: 3500’AGL tow or $150: for 6000 ft tow or up into mountains, i.e. Eagle river valley at Birchwood or Talkeetna Mountains at Wasilla. Additional, $50/hour for flight durations greater than 30 minutes. *All fees are suggested donations to help cover our costs.
  • Special Event Fee – TBD. Event manager is to obtain Board approval and publish other event fees at least 30 days prior to the event.
Aero Retrieve Fees
  • $160 per hour tow plane tach time with a one-half hour minimum.
Flying with a CFI-G

At this time we do not have in-house instructors, but we will have an instructor available to do a local checkout. The club dues do not include time for the CFI. The club member getting a checkout would be responsible for working out payment for the CFI’s time. At some point in the future, we plan to have instructors in the club to do instruction for local checkouts. This policy is subject to change.